Patient Instructions after Cataract Surgery

Patient Instructions after Cataract Surgery

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Please follow these instructions to obtain the best results possible:

  • Use the prescribed surgical eye drops on the day of surgery (when you get home) and continue as instructed.
  • Resume all other prior eyedrops (such as glaucoma drops) on the day of surgery. However, you may be instructed to stop some or all of your glaucoma medications if have a glaucoma procedure at the same time as cataract surgery.
  • Resume all prior oral medications.
  • If you received a clear eye shield, you should keep it on and sleep with it. You can remove the shield to use your drops and then place the shield back on your eye. After the first day, you only need to use the shield at night when you sleep.

Activity restrictions:

  • Don’t rub your eye
  • Don’t swim for 1 week
  • Avoid eye make-up for 1 week

Activity that is permitted after cataract surgery:

  • You can shower after surgery – but avoid shampoo or water getting into eye
  • You can do mild/light exercise for the first week (but nothing that causes severe straining)
  • You may read and watch TV as much as you like
  • You may resume work and driving when you feel ready
  • No restriction on airplane travel

Normal post-operative experiences:

  • You may experience scratchy or sandy sensation, mild irritation, redness, sensitivity to light for the first few days. Symptoms should gradually improve with eye drops.
  • Stinging with eye drops is normal.
  • Most eyes are blurry for the first few days. There is some variability in recovery between patients and even between both eyes of the same patient. The amount of blurriness during the first week will not determine the final outcome.

When to call your doctor:
If you experience severe constant pain, decreased vision, severe redness that is not improving you should call Dr. Rubinstein. Otherwise, go immediately to New York Eye and Ear Infirmary Emergency Room (310 E. 14th Street), 212-979-4000.


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