With the onset of increased screen time and digital device usage, especially over the past year, many people have become familiar with the terms “blue light” and its relationship with digital eye strain. Blue light describes a specific range of wavelengths emitted from digital devices such as our computers, smart phones, and other digital reading devices. Some believe extended periods of blue light exposure may be related to increased dry eye symptoms and eye strain which has led to the development of blue light filters and eyeglasses.

Should you wear Blue Light glasses?

In recent months, blue light products have grown in popularity and the question of whether they are effective in reducing digital eye strain has become a common question during routine eye examinations. Blue light glasses or blue light anti-reflective coatings on prescription eyeglasses can be used full time or specifically when doing prolonged computer work or digital device usage. Clinical studies have provided mixed results on the effects of blue light filters on dry eye and eye strain, as blue light itself does not directly cause these symptoms, but rather it’s the extended periods of near work without taking visual breaks that is known to decrease the rate of blinking and increase overall eye fatigue.

Nonetheless, a large proportion of patients have reported overall relief from digital eye strain when using blue light glasses. Subjective accounts of reduced dry eye symptoms and visual fatigue despite what studies have reported may still warrant trying blue light filters in the midst of the digital age we live in today. Blue light filters and blue light anti-reflective coatings still work to reduce glare and excessive light emitted from screens. Our recommendation is that there is no harm in trying blue light glasses. There may be an improvement in symptoms especially if coupled with visual breaks along with traditional dry eye therapies.

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